Grant Chapman
Grant Chapman
Actor. Teacher.


Hi there. My name is Grant, and I'm an actor and teacher based in Atlanta. Read on below...


I'm originally from a small town in northeast Georgia, and learned early how to entertain myself with my imagination. As I grew up, acting was first a way to escape, and then a way to challenge the world around me. 


"Grant Chapman steals the spotlight as the unctuous, simpering, class conscious Mr. Collins."


- The Morning Call on Pride and Prejudice at the Pennsylvania Shakespeare Festival. With beloved Joan Twiss as Mrs. Bennet.


I trained at the University of Minnesota/Guthrie Theater BFA Actor Training Program and the Brown University/Trinity Rep MFA Program, which fed my appetite for theatrically vital plays of language. Since then, I've traveled the country playing in Off-Broadway and regional theaters, public parks, repurposed churches and, yes, the occasional barn. I'm a founding member of The Williams Project, which creates epic, accessible theater while paying artists a living wage. 



Grant Chapman opens the play as Dolly Hamma, a gossipy woman sitting around the store...

By Act II Chapman, who has been convincing as Dolly (even with a full beard), appears as Sheriff Talbott, a nasty redneck with a gun."

- Seattle Crosscut on Orpheus Descending. With besties Richard Prioleau, Rebecca Gibel, and Tiffany Nichole Greene as the denizens of Two River County.


"Chapman has a hawkeye stare and a dancer’s build and moves like a caged cat...he is an unnerving match for Amanda and voices Tom’s frustrations and insights with the clarity the diamond-sharp poetic dialogue thrives on."

- The Seattle Times on The Glass Menagerie. 


Endless enthusiasm for the work led me to teaching, and I've spent happy semesters teaching acting, voice, and speech at colleges and universities, including Brown University, Barnard College/Columbia University, and Molloy College/CAP21. I do believe that an artist has to continually reach beyond the habitual into unknown territory; one of my ambitions is to create a laboratory space in Atlanta for theater professionals to experiment beyond commercial pressures and artistic trends.


"Mercutio is quite a treat...Chapman made entertaining a set piece that had always bored me."

- the Providence Phoenix on Romeo and Juliet.


"Make voyages!--Attempt them!--There's nothing else..."

- Camino Real

I was particularly proud of the work below, so I'm glad it was captured and I can share it with you here.


On Style

This was my master's thesis at Brown/Trinity. The prompt was, "Create 30 minutes of work you're interested in." I took a bunch of writing I like about performance, gender, and style, and collaged it together to make this little number. All of the writing comes from different sources (not me): Quentin Crisp, Tennessee Williams, Susan Sontag, Shakespeare, Judith Butler (adapted slightly), and Doug Wright. 



When I played Mercutio, I took inspiration from the Club Kids of the 80s and 90s. Ryan Purcell, the director, added another twist by inserting some Allen Ginsberg into Queen Mab. Featured in the video are Alston Brown as Benvolio and Peter Mark Kendall as Romeo.


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